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The Art Line: Across the Heart of America
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The Art Line is a 28-mile-wide band centered on the 39.1 north latitude between 38.9 and 39.3 degrees. The line starts in California and runs through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the southern tip of New Jersey on the East Coast.

How do we envision the Art Line being used?

Many significant events over the last decades have catalyzed individuals all over the world to gather, meditate, or pray at coordinated times. The power of "two or more gathered together" is well documented. Imagine a concentrated line of walkable art stretching across the heart of America that encourages people to come together, to reconnect to the earth, each other and themselves. Imagine people in every state moving through walking designs simultaneously with the intent to bring harmony and balance to our inner and outer world.

The 39th parallel closely denotes the north/south centerline of the country - truly the heartline of America. Creating a physical line of walkable Art can be viewed as activating the heart meridian, reminding us to return to this powerful connection point within ourselves. Moving our bodies through labyrinths built on the line can amplify and distribute the flow of positive heart energy across the country. Is it a coincidence that Washington, DC is on the line?

People have wondered about the modern-day labyrinth revival. Why this worldwide interest in labyrinths at this time? Maybe it is slowly being revealed to us. Are we rewiring the circuits of the Earth's body (as well as our own) by creating new energy leys? Are we plugging in countless vortexes of spinning light (labyrinths) to help the Earth Mother release the old energy, as we walk to release what no longer serves us? Are we using these patterns of initiation to move to higher levels of awareness as we remember how to reconnect to Source by returning to our center? Together, we are making the new grid visible, creating the answers that we are looking for.

Remember the saying from the Hopi elders: "All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we've been waiting for."


The idea of a straight line across the country developed when Alex Champion saw an aerial photo of three earthworks he created on his land in Mendocino County, California. The three sites straddled a small flat hill and the end designs were invisible to each other from the ground. He discovered that they lay in a straight line.

In the spring of 2000, Alex began construction of the flower wand design as an earthwork. The idea then came to make a line of earthworks across the country with the flower wand at each end.

Alex and Joan Champion and Marilyn Larson met at the home of Toby Evans (an hour east of Kansas City, MO) in November 2000 to install one of Alex's earthworks. This 55' diameter 9-petal vesica flower design was laid out in sand with base quartz crystal near the existing Prairie Labyrinth. Toby calls this new installation "Chante Esti", which means Single Eye of the Heart.

The four developed Alex's initial idea into the Art Line Project after discovering the unlikely coincidence that the earthworks at Toby's and the Champions' were at the same 39 degree latitude, one fifth of a mile from being exact.

In addition to their multiple earthworks, the Great Serpent Mound in south-central Ohio was also found to be on the line. A 1987 visit to this site created by the Hopewell culture was the inspiration for the mounded patterns developed by Alex Champion.

One phase of the project involves artists who have agreed to create an installation in each of the 15 states. We welcome help with this part of the project by coordinating with the artists in contacting communities, finding suitable sites, fundraising and assisting in the actual construction.